About Me

My name is uwe, I was born in Germany in 1966 and now I live in magical Rosh-pinna in Israel.

about1-300x225My passion for paragliding started in 1990 in Germany when i did the first course. From that moment, on each glide I felt all my senses opening, awaking and touching all creation… Nature has compelling qualities to which I could attune perfectly; and even redefine my relationship to gravity.

This experience has quickly sent me to an advanced course in Austria, where after a few weeks I could fly high in total silence and merge in the pure color and scent of nature, breathing the purest air. Up in the sky time itself gets a new dimension.

In 1995 I started a worldwide paragliding tour. The stunning views of Monaco and Nice… The amazing nature in Slovenia… The exotic colors of Italy… The beauty of Czech landscape… The Austrian alps… Beautiful Spain… Exquisite Indonesia,Nepal and Mystical India. In all my trips I followed wind and weather conditions, suitable for that precious experience of flying high, surrounded by natural beauty and deep silence.

In India I opened a Paragliding school in 1999 where I met people of all cultures, encouraging them to merge dream and reality, take the challenge, overcome doubt and hesitation, and introduce a totally new kind of joy and tranquility to their life. Now they all know the feeling of an eagle in flight. Since then I am dedicated to make available to all, that astounding sense of a silent cruise in the sky!

about2-300x194At my Paragliding school I instructed hundreds of men and women, how sweet it is to share with others the real sense of achievement and victory which follows the tense moment prior to the first tandem flight. How satisfying to see all those who were unsure and shy ended up exhilarated and deeply satisfied.

Since 2005 I am operating in Israel where my daughter Amber was born and where the weather allows safe flights almost the year around.

In the spirit of gliding above the Galilee the Golan Heights and by the coast in Netanya and Arsuf I extend to each one of you a personal invitation to share this great love and taste the amazing feeling of experiencing the universe from heaven above.